More on Autism

A response to my post Autistic Liberation front in Second Life, (an interesting comment) lead me to this blog site Ballastexistenz where you can discover a great deal more about autism.

Thanks Amanda


The Village in a Cloud of SmokeI had a front row seat in a griefing attack today.

My little shop in the Skylight Village at Penrith was the scene for bombs and more bombs. Not that I was the target of this .. the attack was aimed at the Village itself, my store just happened to be close to the epicentre.

(That’s my shop on the left, if you peer at it you can just make out the red Kanga sign showing on my blue floor). A great many of my items have been destroyed, about $3000 worth, but it’s small change compared to the devastating effect on the Mall owner. She will doubtless expect her renters to leave in high dudgeon but I’m not leaving at all. Far from it …… Continue Reading »

Happy 860th, Moscow!

Second MoscowYep, Moscow is 860 this year.

There’s a grand party planned over at Red Square (Moscow Island) on September 1st at 8 PM SL Time

Organiser of the event is Uplifto Ochs, Head Honcho of RL music label UPLIFTO

If you can read Russian, there’s more news on the website, Second Moscow, although it’s just a little less difficult to decipher than the incredible translation plugin which runs along the lines of “Boil Noodle” on a packet of Korean dried soup.

Autistic Liberation Front

Autistic Liberation FrontAutism prevents Amanda Baggs from speaking so she communicates entirely by computer.

Amanda has founded a group called the Autistic Liberation Front which states that autism is not a disease which needs to be treated but a form of cultural difference.

I’m going to have to learn how to make a Slurl!

This isn’t Real Life

I’m pretty good at community projects. In RL, I mean. A lot of my time outworld is used for working on collaboration and implementation of community projects for public outreach, professional development, online conferences and membership groups, interactivity planning and facilitation, integration of live programming, marketing strategies – you know how it goes. But it doesn’t work in SL.

Why doesn’t it work?

Kanga Because I was still thinking in RL terms. Tapping into a network, whipping up a publicity campaign, establishing a venue to showcase the work of the passionate Australian artists, crafters and designers whose brilliance was all around me. Alas. Only three people put their hand up at the chance to display their creations to a larger audience despite my efforts and the interest of RL media.

There are no boundaries in here. You don’t need a Gallery, a Musée or a publicity person.

No matter, I have a lovely building, even if it doesn’t shine with the visual and conceptual gems of the professional and accomplished Australian SL artists.

Strike me pink

I heard the IBM workers in Italy are out on strike over a pay dispute and manning the picket line in the streets of Second Life.

Eager to see the unionised workers of RSU (Rappresentanza Sindacale Unitaria) IBM Vimercate, I hurried to every location listed as IBM and haunted the plaza in IBM Italia hoping to hear the chant of “One av out, all avs out”.

Alas, not one striker, no picket line, no eternal flame in a kerosine tin. Nothing. Not even a placard.

I fear it’s a giant leg-pull.

To Voice or not to Voice

With blatant disregard for the niceties of language the two Voice camps are labelled “Augmentationists” and “Immersionists”.

Immersionists are those who want to live a parallel Second Life completely separated from RL while augmentists are those who want to use Second Life as a means to enhance their RL.

I don’t have anything against immersionists refusing to use Voice nor do I believe personal revelation is a marker of authenticity.

Ultimately, this is about intimacy — how much of ourselves we’re willing to give away to stranger

So who cares? If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

There’s always voice morphing software. Over at Screaming Bee you can get some delightful Furry voices.